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Nickel alloy Plate, sheet, & stripe


Plate: thickness 4.76 min (3/16’), length 3000mm max, width 1100mm max. 

Cold rolled plate: thickness 4.76-9.52mm (3/16- 3/8’)

Hot rolled plate: thickness 4.76 min (3/16’)

Nickel Alloy Sheet


Sheet: thickness 0.6mm-4.76mm, length 3000mm max, width 1100mm max. 

Nickel Alloy Strip


Strip: thickness 0.6mm-4.76mm

Alloy Material to makes Plate,sheet, & stripe: 

Nickel : Nickel 200,201.

Ni-cu alloy : alloy 400.

Ni-Cr-Fe alloy: alloy 600, 690, 020,028. 

Ni-Cr-Mo alloy: alloy 625,  686,C-4, C-22, C-2000, G-30, G-35.

 Ni-Fe-Cr alloy:  alloy 800, 800H, 800HT, 825. 

Ni-Mo alloy: alloy B-2, B-3.

Ni-Mo-Cr alloy: alloy C-276.     

Applied Standard for Nickel Alloy Plate, sheet & stripe :

Industry served: Oil and gas, Chemical and petrochemical,  Power generation,   Marine, Aerospace, Defence. 

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